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Propagation conditions UK

We seem to be getting favourable propagation conditions in North East Scotland at the moment. Terrestrial TV is struggling most likely due to distant interfering transmissions, my AIS marine range has tripled and I’m seeing aircraft out at 358NM!


Very nice - Conditions are up a little in t’south but I’m not seeing out to that range today. I did get a peak on messages/second at around 21:00 last night.

I expect the number of aircraft to be relatively low over the weekend with the storm forecast.

Conditions were up a little last night and mostly to the south but it’s business as usual now.
I’m located a little north of Exeter in Devon.

That’s a good point about the storm - will be interesting to see how that affects things. Still seeing craft out over 360NM at the moment - personally quite novel to see Heathrow traffic from the other end of the UK :slight_smile:

@Devonian You’ve inspired me to find out about installing those graphs! Interesting how after the peak the distance swings below the average before recovering.

I’ve also seen a big lift in the figures. I normally have a favourable direction to the north, but it was quite exaggerated last night - seeing aircraft below 500 ft approach NCL / EGNT ( Newcastle International) which is beyond my Av Max Range from Swindon. My ADS-B Range graph peaked in the early hours


That’s probably just the nightly dip when there is low traffic.

Oh the graphs are available here: https://github.com/wiedehopf/graphs1090#graphs1090

Seeing some 2m FT8 stations making contact with continental stations earlier but none recently. Central Belt here but nothing out of the ordinary…yet

Thank you for taking the time and effort to develop these utilities!

@BobbyMhor Radio conditions here have returned to normal, the high pressure we’ve been enjoying getting chased off by the incoming storm. I’d never thought of planes and boats as propagation monitoring beacons before :slight_smile:

The graphs were programmed by @obj quite some time ago, i just packaged them up nicely. (and did some modifications)

You might also want to check out this then: https://github.com/wiedehopf/tar1090#tar1090

Ahh I see! Nevertheless I must say I’m impressed by the expertise and support here and thank everyone in their efforts!

I’ll certainly check out tar1090.

@gdavids I’m at 50m ASL, west of Falkirk but no lift on my ADSB nor AIS in the Forth estuary, of the monitoring radio hams on 144mhz, only two, one in south Glasgow and the other in the Angus glens were calling to the continent, PA (dutch), DL (Germany) and one OZ (Denmark) were being called and worked.
I did have a few call outs but apart from one report from Skye (normal) and two from Lanarkshire and Glasgow, nothing else.
Busy with aircraft almost overhead hoping for scatter as well.
WX station pressure has dived rapidly here.

I’m wondering if I experienced some coastal or tropospheric ducting earlier today. I was receiving maritime AIS from vessels in Edinburgh and off Eyemouth, a first in my admittedly first few weeks in of setting up a receiver. Range is usually about 20-25NM but I was seeing reliably out past 60NM earlier.

I’m 17m ASL with unbroken view of the sea to the south.

Interesting to experience propagation on 1090 in such a way the coverage is being viewed real-time over such a large area. I usually see about 800-900 craft a day but it’s sitting over 1400+ just now.

Getting thoroughly battered with gale force winds now!