Preamp Blown?

I recently installed a RPi with a Pro Stick Plus and the FA antenna on a tower. Feed worked spectacularly for about 4 hours then no data was being sent.
About 12ft above the antenna is an FM radio station transmitter. Has someone had a similar issue? I plan to install a new dongle with a FA filter.

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You almost certainly need all the filtering you can get if you’re 12ft from a FM transmitter. What’s the power output on that?

Not sure, about 400W…Also an SSR Antenna is about 1000ft from the site…other than the FA filter, is there anything else that can be done?

Two filters. Before and after preamp, preamp gain limited to the cable attenuation. Even then, it might be overloaded on input, you should try without it too.

Thanks, I’m using the Blue Stick, straight, nothing else connected…

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I doubt the external FA filter is going to help you much here. It may help with the FM transmitter (400W, 12ft away, with no filtering, is almost certainly why the preamp is unhappy) but it won’t help with the SSR antenna; the external FA filter has a wide passband and will let 1030MHz straight through.

You need something more specialist here, a filter with a narrow passband around 1090MHz that attenuates 1030MHz strongly.

Well, maybe that SSR won’t be such problem if he lowers the antenna some. Or maybe a lot… to get out of the control beam lobe.

I’ll try the filter out and let you know in a couple of weeks when I get back to the site.

I hope this is inside the metal box…

Feed woke up out of the blue…weird