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PlanePlotter to PiAware


I updated my post.
At 1st Windoze didn’t see the Micro SD - period, then after the in & outs, it did see the “boot” section.
I thought maybe it was a card slot issue or the card adapter.
I have no idea what was going on, but it’s OK now.
Thanks anyway for offering Sonic


Sometimes you need to do right-click and select “Eject” for Windows to be OK.


I once had the problem that the partion was not assigned a drive letter, and therefore invisible until I assigned one with the drive management tool.


I take it from the comments here, that this PiAware is not plug and play, but requires a lot of programming?


There is just the need to write something on the card if you want to use WiFI, but that’s the Pi standard config, not PiAware’s.
Also, for future ease of remote access, the SSH needs to be enabled. Again, that’s the Pi config, not PiAware’s.
Not rocket science: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build


No, not at all. Basic first installation: You burn the image to a sd-card, you insert it to the Pi, the router assigns an ip, you type in the ip-adress in your browser and claim the site on the opening website, and bob’s your uncle.

If for whatever reason you need to reinstall, change something, or whatever, come back to this forum and I am pretty sure there will be someone to point you in the right direction, or just search for Beginners or How-to posts by abcd567