Plane crash at KARR (Aurora Municipal - KARR)

We just had a plane crash near our house in Sugar Grove Illinois. I believe this was the plane in question:

Article on it: … id=7235950

… currently sitting in the dark (power out due to crash) listening to the scanner. :slight_smile:


Here is an update. … grove.html

2 die in Sugar Grove plane crash
January 23, 2010 9:19 PM | 1 Comment | UPDATED STORY

Two men were killed tonight when a small plane crashed in a subdivision near Waubonsee Community College in the far west suburb of Sugar Grove.

The two fatalities – both men – were in the plane, said Kane County Sheriff’s spokesman Pat Gengler…

Gengler said at about 7 p.m. residents saw a ball of fire and the sheriff’s office received a 911 call. Gengler said they believe the plane struck the ground and the debris of the plane hit a home at Route 47 and Old Oaks Road,

There was very little damage to the home, where four people were inside, but the debris hit a corner of a garage, he said. No one in the home was injured, he said.

The impact downed power lines and there was a large swath of debris from the impact of the plane, which was nearly completely destroyed, said Gengler.

He said the National Transportation Safety Board and FAA officials were on the scene investigating the cause of the crash and working to identify the plane and its occupants.

Along with sheriff’s officials, Illinois State Police and Aurora police responded.

The small, single-engine plane was en route from Aurora to the Denver area, according to an FAA recorded message.

Ken Voight, who lives about 1/2 mile from where the plane went down, said the plane went down near Route 47, across the street from the north entrance to Waubonsee Community College.

The crash occurred about 3 miles north of the Aurora Airport, he said.

The residence hit by the plane is a large home at the corner of Route 47 and Old Oaks Road, with an address of 43W420 Old Oaks Road.

Voight said he was sitting down to eat dinner when he heard a “very low” flying airplane over his home. He said while planes routinely fly over head from the airport, this plane appeared to have engine problems.

"This one came much lower than normal, really loud engine noise like [the pilot] was really trying to get the engines to go, and then maybe 10 seconds later we heard and felt the impact. … It shook our house.‘’ said Voight. “It flew so low over our house that my wife and I both ducked our heads.”

Voight said that after the explosion he and a neighbor jumped into a car and drove to where the noise had come from. He said most of the debris was in a vacant lot across the street from the north entrance of the college.

"All we saw was a lot of small fires widely scattered, like campfires,‘’ Voight said.

Voight said another neighbor told him that the plane appeared to circle overhead once, and as it was circling overhead again the plane went down. Voight said there was fog in the area.

–Carlos Sadovi and Daarel Burnette II