Hi all:

Anyone here fly out of Byerly Aviation at PIA? I used to work there some time back. I ran their Pekin, IL operation for a few years as well.
They were good days.


Welcome to the forum!

I used to work there some time back.

So what are you doing now?


Been to both. In fact my first solo cross country was after I dropped my instructor off at PIA so he could pick up the other rental aicraft that was getting a new Xponder. I thought I knew the PIA airport SO well…but when it came to it, I never got off the ramp before I requested a progressive taxi to 4! haha, salad days!

I’ve been to C15 too, driven, never flown into though.


These days, I’m working at Luke AFB, PHX.
I fly out of Glendale Airport when I can afford it.
I have 29 months left until retirement, but whose counting??


How long ago were you up in PIA?
Ever make it down to SPI or IJX by chance?


I worked at Byerly’s in the late 70’s for Dean Stagers, the Line Manager.
I ran the first shift as refueling tech.
I left PIA and went to SPF-Capitol Airport. I ran the entire line crew from 1980-1982 for Aeroservices International while they were there, working for Don Mallette, the AI Manager.
I left IL in 1982 for PHX and have been here since.
I tried to get a job with one of the many FBO’s in the area here but the jobs here are political. In other words, you have to know someone.
So I came here to Luke AFB and have been here since.


Kudos to Byerly! I shot over there this last weekend for a fraternity brother’s grad party after picking up a friend in dupage. I was there one other time this last year. Great prices on tie downs and hangering, plus above and beyond in service.

The first time I was there a buddy of mine was getting off a commerical flight and I was picking him up to fly us the rest of the way back to school. The linesman drove over to the commerical terminal and picked him up for me while I was pre-flighting.