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Photos of lna (or other electronics)in enclosure at antenna

hello all, for 9 months i had my RTL-SDR 1090LNA immediately below my outdoor (roof mounted) FA antenna. i used DX engineering waterproofing kit but had some moisture issues and the LNA was getting direct sunlight and lots of IR radiation from the roof (LNA was only 0.5m above roof shingles).
i now plan to put the LNA in a waterproof enclosure immediately below the FA antenna. any advice and photos or your installs would be much appreciated, particularly regarding connector mounting and waterproofing on the enclosure where the connectors mount.
at first i simply moved the LNA indoors (no heat and moisture issues) but that put the LNA after 30 meters of LMR400…so my signal to noise ratio degraded measurably (ie reduced aircraft counts and reduced messages). so now i wish to put the LNA back where it was but in an enclosure.