Paul McCartney tail number

Ok, I know how people are treated to a dumb question on this board and that is why I hated to post it, but…I’ve searched and could not find it on here previously, so…Could someone please refresh my memory on what his tail number is??
Thank You

Welcome to FA (insert smart A*s remark here)

Just Kidding! :smiley:

I don’t know the answer to your question but I’m sure someone will dig it up for you.

Thanks flyboy…
I know, I’m still waiting for my initiation comments lol

The dumb question is the unasked question. Just sad that a new person has to caveat the words “I hated to post it”. Not good…

Anyhow I wasn’t able to find anything here.

Search revealed two threads with the last name of McCartney of which this thread was one of them. The other thread drifted to include his name. I also checked Google and it didn’t reveal anything.

So, like Flyboy, I don’t have an answer other then welcome to Flight Aware! :slight_smile:

Is it number 9, number 9 ?

He might be using one of the fractionals, too…

I recall on 9/11 he witnessed the attacks and was on an airline flight preparing to depart NYC.

No tail #, but here he is getting out of one:

Cool, looks like a Challenger, no? As Rod says, some guys have all the luck, is that the pilot behind him? :open_mouth:

:laughing: Actually it is Nancy Shevell (his girlfriend)

Glad he can still afford it after his clock being cleaned by the “Great Exaggerator” It’s a damn shame what she did to him.

The top of the door opening isn’t high enough to be a Challenger. Looks like a “G” to me. :wink:


Ya never know!

That would be intresting to track him on tour. He is touring in the United States now. Do we not have a tail number for him?

He was in Tulsa last night (AWESOME SHOW!!!), so if you know his next stop, see what you can find between late last night/early Tuesday morning out of Tulsa and near his next stop.

I have a feeling it is blocked, though.

There was a charter that left Tulsa that went to Tucson late Monday night. That must be him, maybe he is staying there until the next stop Wednesday in Dallas.

I’d rather sleep in my own bed too…

Its Gotham again…

he has a ranch in AZ

That is definitely him! He was in Atlanta for a concert over the weekend!