Parse error


I am trying to use the JQuery example from here … t#examples

It is giving me always Parse error while fetchAndRenderRoute

I have set my username and API Key

Please help


Your user (pankajgarg10) does not have any FlightXML API keys issued. Are using a different user account? Your API key is not your website password. It must be generated from


I have another account with the name of rickpollak


What browser are you using? Internet Explorer has security problems with the jQuery example, as noted.

Have you looked at the raw response returned by the server using your JavaScript debugger or browser network activity monitor? Is an error being returned in the JSON? Have you tried other flights? (Not every flight can have its route decoded.)

The examples are intended to show programming techniques to get you started, not be functional applications by themselves.


I am picking the tdent numbers from below page; … er%3Dident

But, unfortunately 97% of them are not working !!!

It says parse error in JQuery samle code that we have on below page for JQuery … t#examples


DecodeFlightRoute will always fail on flights that are not entirely within the US airspace, since it does not currently know about the location of navaids that are outside of the US. … lightRoute

As I said, the examples are not necessarily intended to be useful by themselves.