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Non existent United flights returned in AirlineSchedules

While searching for ATL-ORD with epoch parameters start: 1604203200 end: 1604307600 howMany = 150 on AirlineFlightSchedules several United flights were returned that do not show up on the United website or other flight search websites. Example: UAL5284 operated by SkyWest. There are several others. One thing I noticed about these flights versus the others is that they do not contain a fa_ident.
All other airlines on this same search seemed to be accurate schedules.

{‘ident’: ‘UAL5284’, ‘actual_ident’: ‘SKW5284’, ‘departuretime’: 1604235900, ‘arrivaltime’: 1604243340, ‘origin’: ‘KATL’, ‘destination’: ‘KORD’, ‘aircrafttype’: ‘E75L’, ‘meal_service’: ‘Business: Snack or brunch / Economy: No meal’, ‘seats_cabin_first’: 0, ‘seats_cabin_business’: 12, ‘seats_cabin_coach’: 64}

here is a dictionary of one of the offending UAL flights.

AirlineFlightSchedules represents data from long-term flight schedule information that is usually published months/weeks in advance of the actual flight and should be considered to be speculative and subject to change, particularly in these recent times of lower flight demand.

Once a flight is closer to the departure time (usually around the 24-48 hour point), we begin receiving indications of whether a flight will actually be operated when a flightplan is filed with ATC or an aircraft registration assignment occurs. At that point, we generate and assign a unique faFlightId for the flight. Entries that lack that are simply ones that we have not yet received any indications yet, or are still too far from the departure time.