No VFR tracking any more! What has happend?

Since roughly September, I have noticed a extreme drop off in the availability of flight tracking via FlightAware on my VFR flights with FF in my Cessna the Western Washington State (Seattle Approach and ZSEA) area.

Has there been some change in the way that VFR flights get listed in FlightAware in this area?

Is there something I can do to increase the chances that FlightAware will receive my flight tracks when I am flying VFR on FF in this area?

August 22, 2010 the FAA released a major software upgrade on their side that effectively disabled VFR flight tracking. Our feed was never supposed to include VFR flights, but prior to August it kinda sorta worked some of the time.

The only reliable way to be tracked is to pick up an IFR clearance before you depart.