New function: countAirportOperations


We just released a new class 2 function, countAirportOperations.

You call it with one argument, an airport code. It returns counts of the number of aircraft coming to/from the airport. See the documentation for more details.

This incorporates a WSDL change that doesn’t break backwards compatibility. However, if you cache the WSDL or generate a stub file from the WSDL, you’ll need to download & re-generate to use the new function.


Hello Daniel,

I would like a little more information on this new function. I am understanding, from your explanation, that it does not distinguish between arrivals and departures, correct? Does it count only aircraft that are currently in flight, or also flight planned ones?



The DirectFlight documentation includes information about what each query returns.

The countAirportOperations query returns a countAirportOperationsStruct which contains the following:
* enroute int
* departed int
* scheduled_departures int
* scheduled_arrivals int


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Hi there,
does anyone know for which time-interval this counts are? The whole day? Next couple of hours?
Thanks a lot