Need Help


I am trying to find the flight path of a plane (non-commercial) I was on on September 10. The flight left from LGA at about 6:10pm and returned to the same airport two hours later. I was part of an educator group on a zero-g flight. The plane made a series of 15 parabolas climbing from 24,000-32,000 feet. during these maneuvers, we experienced gravity’s force change from 1.8G to zero-G.

The plane’s name is G-Force One (I don’t think that helps). It is a Boeing 727-200 I believe. It is operated by a company called Zero-G.

If someone knows how I can access information with this limited data, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to get a pic of the flight path if possible as well as any flight data.




Unfortunately we received an early cancellation for that flight, probably right about the time they started the parabolas.