Near collision on landing at FRA, 20 August 2010


while I was landing in FRA from MRS with LH4351, and while waiting to cross 07L after landing on 07R, I noticed that a plane was on the active takeoff runway (07L) while a plane was landing on the same runway. I noticed that the landing plane was very close. The other airliner started rolling down the runway for takeoff (I think it was from China airlines), but the LH plane (A330) landed right behind it but quickly accelarated and took off again at a very high angle of attack, obviously afraid of wind shear from the departing plane. Unfortunately I wasn’t listening to ATC and didn’t hear what happened, but did manage the take photo of the LH plane.
These are the kind of things that should never, ever, happen. Photo here(copy URL to your browser): … ate/page/1


That’s called going around or a “go-around”


Nothing should ever be allowed to happen.