N988PA Learjet 45 lands on closed runway at Teterboro:


FlightAware Flight Tracker Windrider flight WDR988 of of Jetride N988PA a Learjet 45 flew over two airport workers at a height of 150 ft. and landed on a closed runway.

On June 25, 2008, at 5:34 am eastern daylight time, a runway incursion occurred at Teterboro Airport (TEB), Teterboro, New Jersey involving Windrider (WDR) flight 988, a Learjet 45, occurred during the midnight shift when there was one controller scheduled to be in the tower.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that runway 1/19 had been closed by Airport Operations and confirmed by the controller. The controller placed two runway incursion devices (RID) at the local control position but did not inform approach control of the closure.

A lighted X had been placed on the runway at the departure end of runway 19.

The approach controller called the tower controller 27 minutes later to request a visual approach to runway 19 for WDR988. The tower controller approved the request. On the initial transmission, the tower controller cleared WDR988 to land on runway 19.

The airplane flew over two employees who were working north of the displaced threshold of runway 19, between taxiways L/A and B and landed on the runway. The displaced threshold is 770 feet from the approach end of runway 19. Closest estimated proximity was 150 feet vertical.

The controller was working the local control position for 7 hours and 21 minutes when the incident occurred. At the time of the incident it was daylight, the wind was calm, sky clear, with 10 statute miles visibility.

The initial review of data indicated that the controller sounded engaged and alert in his communications with aircraft and vehicles operating on the airfield. The controller was scheduled to work the midnight shifts each night from June 23 through June 26. The week before this event, the controller worked evening shifts (3:00 pm to 11:00 pm). The controller’s statement reads in its entirety, “While performing required non-control duties WDR 988 landed on runway 19”.

The automatic terminal information service (ATIS) information H did not mention the closed runway

FAA Preliminary Report



Also, if it really WAS daytime, how could the pilots have possibly missed seeing the X and the workers??


After reading about the other incident at KTEB, looks like that airport had a bad day.
Did this weather report somehow sneak onto this story from the NetJets story??


You’d have to be pretty tall to get him by that plane…
Still, sometimes $hit happens, that’s all I can say.



By doing something IFR pilots rarely do, LOOK OUTSIDE. I still spend about 20% of my time looking outside, and I haven’t flown VFR in 5 years.



Midnight shift. Shift starts at 11 PM and runs 8 hours till 7 AM, then the morning shift from 7 AM to 3 PM, evening from 3PM to 11PM. 3 shifts, 8 hours each…