My Flightaware antenna doesn't function

yes sorry, I got the wrong link.

Yes, and the maximum range is about 400 kilometers.

With what i’ve seen i’d recommend you get a replacement for the rtl-sdr LNA.
The spectrum scan looks to me like the LNA is defective.

Regardless, even without the LNA you should have better reception with the FA antenna.
It would really help to have a photo of how you are mounting the antenna.
What would also be relevant: Can you see the horizon out of your window or is another building blocking your view?
That could limit the range as well.
Otherwise i’d suspect either the antenna (unlikely) or the pigtails (also unlikely) to be defective.
It’s really hard to troubleshoot such issues without having components you can compare to.

The lna works, i’m sure.
Today I tried to connect the antenna flightaware to the lna and see how much range it had. Then I replaced the flightaware antenna with that of the nooelec bundle. The bundle had triple range (much better than it usually does without the lna).
So I came to the conclusion that the LNA works and the antenna/pigtail doesn’t.

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I suggested this on another thread, but there was no response.

If you could, it won’t do any harm to either the FA antenna or pigtail, unscrew the N plug 2-3 turns.

See if it makes any difference.

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I’m having the same issue. Changed only the cable and antenna to FA from the cheap one and lost much performance.

Most likely you need a filter. The FA antenna being high gain, picks Cell/Mobile phone signals which cause overload of Dongle and poor performance. Adding a filter removes these unwanted Cell/Mobile signals.

Check Cell/Mobile signals picked by your FA Antenna by method given in this post:

Do I Need A Filter?

Don’t think that is it I have the blue FA receiver with the built in filter

Blue ProStick does not effectively remove GSM900. If you are not located in North America, most likely you have GSM900. If you carry out scan as in the post Do I Need A Filter?, it will show what interfering signals pass through blue prostick’s builtin filter.



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Similarly, I suggested using the “other” pigtail from the 2-pack, but there was no response.

Do you own a multimeter?
A multimeter is invaluable for testing the simplest and most common faults.

Agreed, they get through quite effectively (how much that is a problem could be debated), this scan shows what I found in the UK.

ok thanks I will run the test to night. do you have a suggested filter?

I would like this fix as I do not enjoy get 40 feet in the air again. :slight_smile:

I conducted the test shown below in November 2016.
It clearly shows that the FA Antenna + ProStickPlus (Blue) performed poor without an External Filter.

Reason was strong Cell phone signals at my location.


Sorry for not replying, but I have already tried both solutions and they haven’t worked.

Now I don’t have a multimeter but I could buy it. What would I need?
However, I decided to send the antenna under warranty.

A very modest multimeter would serve you well.
A low end Uni-T (looks the same to me)

Your right alot of crap from 850 Mhz to 892 Mhz – filter ordered from Pi Hut in UK!


It is counterintuitive the getting better antenna would give worst performance in terms of ADS-B.


Now i have the multimeter and i replaced the antenna. what should I do?

I guess the first question is: Does the system work with the new antenna?

If it does, I think you are good to go.
If not, I’d set the meter to continuity beep and test your cable end to end

  • connector shell to connector shell should get a beep
  • connector center to connector center should get a beep
  • connector shell to connector center should not get a beep

post filter – all issues solved


The scan is so clean now, seems you have put your adsb equipment in a dish washer :wink: