Moving setup outdoors


Right now my setup(FA Antenna, FA Filter, Power Inserter, and Amp, and Pi) is inside with the antenna being clamped to a rafter in a spare room/attic area. To improve performance any further, I suspect I’ll have to take it outside. I’m curious to see what kind of mounting ideas people have and how to run the cabling back inside for the pi(or ways to have the pi/power outside). I am in a rental house, so I can’t permanently attach things to the house. I was thinking of putting the antenna clamped to the deck in the back, but not sure how that would perform.


Put it all in a box and use a POE injector to power it over one CAT5 cable, network and all.


I second k5ted.
I am moving my setup the attic and antenna to the chimney.
Power will be via POE(I already have a POE switch and am running my basement unit via POE).
Unless you use an amp, try to keep the coax run as short as possible. Also, try to use the best coax you can afford.

k5ted’s setup(or something similar) can be feed with a Cat5e/6 cable out a window.
If it won’t be for long, you could use regular cable. Try to keep it out of the sun(UV degradation).
If longer term, try using an outdoor rated cable. I am using one to my attic but I like to over engineer my setups to reduce long term problems.

BellCountyTX has a similar setup on a 40 foor tower.
with an RPI1, an FA antenna and filter, he has a huge range.

You can see his setup here.


Jon- I added a vent to the enclosure, it’s the BUD Industries IPV-1115 IP32 Fit’s perfectly and lets the hot air out. Also put a 3/16" condensation drain in the bottom of the box just in case any liquid happens to get by the vent louvers. Not too worried about condensation, since the equipment inside runs hot enough to keep things dry, at least in this part of the country. The vent dropped the RPi temp monitor a full 6 degrees C, tested over hours of operation compared to no vent.

I also use ‘flooded’ UV resistant CAT5e. It’s made for outdoor use.


Thanks k5ted.

I have gone a little overboard with the cat5. It is shielded and outdoor rate and will be in some conduit(going up the side of the house).
I use the same stuff to my Ont outside(from my router).

My case will be in the attic but I will need a vent. Yours looks good for only about $8 on ebay.

I am using LMR400UF to the Antenna but only about 25 feet. I should only lose a db or two.

I have a USB temp censor in the attic. I must retrieve it to see how hot it gets up their. I imagine about 50-65C in the summer.
I will see what I can do to keep the heat tolerable.



That’s awesome, you should share your shopping lists and instructions.


Great bit of work there, k5ted! :wink:

Was going to ask what the semi-translucent white box was with the Video Composit on was, but then twigged its the Pi…

Def second the suggestion to post your parts list!

Very nice job mate! :slight_smile:


Very elegant & crafty…I wish I had such skill!


GREAT piece of work! I wish I had the patience & talent.