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Mounting FlightAware 1090Mhz antenna on a mast near a different antenna

I’d like to get my antenna up even higher, and in order to do that it will be positioned near (but slightly under) a 2M/70CM Diamond x200A antenna.

I don’t operate VHF/UHF much (besides some 6M work from a different antenna/radio) but I still fear that the rare times I do I may overload the FlightAware Pro Stick Plus dongle even though it has built in filtering.

Can anyone with a similar setup or experience comment?

The antenna would be mounted with a ‘mast to mast’ mounting kit purchased off Amazon and would be about 8" away from the existing mast and also be slightly underneath the 2M/70cm antenna.

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If you actually see problems, you could get this LNA which has very good out of band attenuation:

The FA filter could improve things as well but i somehow doubt the attenuation would be enough with such a strong signal.

Mounting the antennas in each others dead spot should also help.

As you said you don’t transmit often on that antenna, so maybe it is acceptable to have no reception while transmitting?

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