Mode S Enhanced Surveillance (EHS)

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are there EHS in future aviable in dump1090-fa???


Enhanced mode ADSB has been in dump1090 for a few months now. The SkyView map show a few of the extra fields when you click a plane. In the floating window it will show fields like heading, speed, and vertical rate.

There will be more development of EHS in the future.

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This is not what I’m expected. I expected more. Settings from MCU, Baro, Weather… As described on web page I’ve posted before.

There is a Ph.D guy from TU Delft made a python library for this,but it’s just a library yet. He is not interested to make something like dump 1090 as he has other projects,but he encourages others to make such thing on his library. It is free.

I found it and abcd tested it in his rig. He found it doesn’t have any map and no support for rtlsdr. But it’s exactly what you have been searching for.


It might currently not be worth the effort, except for the selected altitude (FCU/MCP) which is already used in some ATM systems in Europe. Most of the other fields are not supported by most aircraft. This will probably only change when those parameters get mandatory.

If there are more data to know, why not to know this? I think it’s interesting and why not make other BDS visible? Only while this supported in europe only?

Yes, having a specification and seeing the planes actually use them are two different things.

I think most of these extra fields can be sent with a transponder firmware upgrade. So we will be seeing more and more information from planes as they are upgraded.

The other problem is that the extra fields have to be requested by the ATC system. They are not automatically sent out like other ADSB fields. We expect more ground stations to be upgraded soon too.

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The DO-260B ADSB or DO-282 UAT requirement is by 2020. Enhanced mode ADSB is only required for heavier planes by 2020. I would say over half of all planes are compliant but something like 90% of planes in Europe are. There is a long way to go.

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Yes it is a part that i know. BDS hart to decode, but as you can see in python script there are ways. I’m not familiar totally with C and i don’t start to read the code, but i can decode manually now hex to bin and get information from bin.

That is a part i don’t know if this is right or not. There are some planes without fully adsb but send EHS BDS 4,0. I know that surelly cause I was PM on a bird and ATC instructed us to check set height. I thing there are many birds out there and support EHS fully.

Interesting to hear from someone on the front lines. We will have better EHS support in the software and on the SkyView map this year. DO-260C is even starting to be talked about for release in 2023+. We have active development on current and future standards and plan to keep up with the changes.

I don’t know of any public EHS compliance statistics. Our internal ADS-B compliance statistics actually are matching the public FAA ADSB statistics.

Thanks for reply. DO-260-C is not on my list. Sounds interesting.

I can’t send you a statistics from Europe I never create one. Otherwise i must read out raw data and this is actually my limit… I know this python script in my first post. But i need time for this. Time is one less goods at the moment.

As i can see now that you have done! Pretty cool!

Thank you very much!

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