Mlats on chart

Are the Mlatted aircraft on the chart just the ones I am receiving or does it include those not currently being received but in my chart area?

You get mlat results for aircraft where one of your messages contributed to a successful mlat position for that aircraft recently (within last minute or so).

There is some rate limiting of mlat attempts so the servers don’t melt (further), the “recent” bit is so that the rate-limiting doesn’t penalize receivers that are contributing useful data but didn’t get picked that time around.

Hi Obj,

Currently I’m using dump1090-Mutability 1.15~Dev … which colours the aircraft by altitude.

Might it be possible to show which are MLAT on the local map by doing something to them (black/contrasting nose, tail - or something)?

(I’d put in a screenshot, but I’m ot currently showing any MLAT)

As you may have noticed I suck when it comes to choosing colors and icons etc :wink:
I’ll have a play with it though and see what I can come up with.

Absolutely not, they could rename this forum “The Obj fan club” and I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

(how do we set up a poll to do just that?)

I updated the planeObject.js to change the outline of the plane (stroke color) to match the row color used in MLAT results.

Updated code segment in planeObject.js:

PlaneObject.prototype.updateIcon = function() {
        var col = this.getMarkerColor();
        var type = this.getMarkerIconType();
        var weight = this.selected ? 2 : 1;
        var rotation = (this.track === null ? 0 : this.track);
        var strCol = this.position_from_mlat ? '#d5d5ff' : '000000';

        if (col === this.icon.fillColor && weight === this.icon.strokeWeight && rotation === this.icon.rotation && strCol === this.icon.strokeColor && type == this.icon.type)
                return false;  // no changes

        this.icon.fillColor = col;
        this.icon.strokeWeight = weight;
        this.icon.strokeColor = strCol;
        this.icon.rotation = rotation;
        this.icon.type = type;
        this.icon.path = MarkerIcons[type].path;
        this.icon.anchor = MarkerIcons[type].anchor;
        this.icon.scale = MarkerIcons[type].scale;
        if (this.marker)

        return true;

Here is a screen cap of two results:
Direct position reported in plane above with black outline.
MLAT position reported in plane below with periwinkle outline.
(Ignore base color, I’ve changed my altitude colors to be shades of blue)

I suppose that this could be made into a variable to be included in the config.js color section, just haven’t got there.

That works, thanks :slight_smile:

To edit
sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html/planeObject.js

(only two lines to add)


Pffbt all you need is a button in the top right that says “Thanks Oliver” and when you press it it Paypals him 10 Euro. People would be bashing it all day.

No Problem!

(Technically it’s three lines changed. Two added, and the if statement updated to include the new parameter. It’s not the end of the world if the if statement doesn’t get updated, just means there might be more updates to the marker than are strictly necessary.)

I added something based roughly on this idea to 1.15~dev.

Any help for us colorblind folk? If only I could see periwinkle. :frowning:

I would like to see the icons as: gray (mlat), black (ads-b), yellow (selected acft), white (stale) - all with black outline. I don’t need colored icons to tell me the altitudes. Can someone give us colorblind people the code? Thanks!

(Although the world is becoming far more accessible for disabled people, things are getting more difficult for colorblind people. Colorblindness is a disability, too.)

Firstly, Hi! I’m new posting to this forum but have been reading it voraciously for the last week or so. :smiley: I’ve set up a new PiAware system and have learnt a huge amount here. Just in the process of moving over to the Mutability versions from stock and I have been tweaking script and layout a little.

I have a possible suggestion for this question, my apologies as a newbie if something like this has already been suggested. As we already use color extensively on the icon, perhaps including a small addition to the SVG for the marker for MLAT positions might be an option? For example, adding a small circle in front of the icon just for the MLAT images? Here’s what that looked like when I tried it. It would be easy enough to add to the SVG definition through javascript.

M 38,-20 a 5,5 0 1,0 0,0.0001

Other thoughts: This could be a circle overlaid on the image (although that gets obscured by color again), or a letter ‘M’ or anything else.

Most of the color scheme is configurable out of config.js; I put a monochrome setup in there (commented out) that might be a good starting point:

ColorByAlt = {
         unknown :  { h: 0, s: 0, l: 40 },
         ground  :  { h: 0, s: 0, l: 30 },
         air :      { h:  { alt: 0, val: 0 } ], s: 0, l: 50 },
         selected : { h: 0, s: 0, l: +30 },
         stale :    { h: 0, s: 0, l: +30 },
         mlat :     { h: 0, s: 0, l: -10 }

(these are colors expressed as hue/saturation/lightness, see the comments in config.js)

The color config for the rows in the table is done in style.css; you can either edit that directly or (probably) override it via a user stylesheet.

If you have a setup that works for you let me know and I can update the example config.

Yeah, I like this idea. It might need to be done as a second overlapping marker at the same position because the google maps marker stuff is not very flexible about filling (it’s all or nothing)

Probably fine if the dot follows the plane color anyway. I added this to the SVG and it looks OK.

I played around with a few things and ended up with this, what do you think?

Thanks again obj! You know, after I wrote that I was thinking, I was perfectly happy with the monochrome scheme in v1.14 and I should have just asked how to get that back. But thanks so much for the monochrome scheme. I’ll set that up. :smiley:

I like it!

When I add the mlat line to my config.js it breaks something. I get a nearly empty (no map or icons) display on my dump web output. If I remove the mlat line it all works again. Is this from a newer source than October 22 (when I built v1.15)?

That does it! :slight_smile:

Is that box large enough for all the different icons?