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Mismatch between AirlineFlightSchedules and FlightInfoStatus APIs

Hi all,

We have found two issues comparing values between AirlineFlightSchedules and FlightInfoStatus APIs using the FlightXML3.

Both issues are different in nature but in both cases they are born due to a mismatch in the information between both APIs. The issues happen with flights AI607 and AI9623.

AI607 is not present within the AirlineFlightSchedules in anyway, but it is present in FlightInfoStatus. And AI9623 happens in the other way around. It is a daily flight shown in the AirlineFlightSchedules API, but in the FlightInfoStatus the flights shows every second day. AI9623 is a daily flight indeed.

How can we deal with these situations?



Hi, anybody with this problem?

Flightaware dev team, anything we could do?



AI607 schedule data is present. However, current schedule data indicates that this flight only operates on Saturdays and Sundays (local). Daily operations were indicated to start at the end of March. This can occur if an airline changes their scheduled operations mid month since we typically only refresh schedule data on a monthly basis.

AI9623 has a similar cause. The most recent schedule schedule indicates flights every other day when the flight is actually operating daily. This is causing some of the flights flight to be handled as “position-only”. These flights are not visible on the site or FlightXML by default. Visibility can be toggled on in Section 6 of your user preferences.