microADS-B IP receiver Radio Frequency Interference


Hi, I have a microADS-B IP Receiver and have notice RFI Radio-Frequency Interference From 18.180 MHz to 155.5860 MHz I used 3 different test radios and confirmed that I only get Radio Frequency Interference when the ADSB receiver in turn on if you can setup one at your office with Plane Plotter or ADSBScope with transferring data. I have tried using Ferrite Core on the power supply and on the Cat5E that has shielded I also tried different power supplies but it did not remove the RFI, I have tested and found the Interference on vertical and horizontal antennas and I also used portable antenna you have to be within 20 to 30 feet of the microADS-B IP receiver just wanted to know if anyone else found RFI on there microADS-B IP?

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Nuand supplies the SDR in the (current) Flight Feeder. They have links to both information sites and links to a group working on RF development/implementation of SDR. You may find some ideas at their web site or associated links.


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… and you’ve tried shielding the actual receiver?

There is another thread here suggesting the use of a cheap TV / Sat duplexer - to shove both signals down the same coax. Maybe try one of those just using the ‘sat’ side … it has rf filters to split the low and high frequencies and might send the interference you’ve seen down to the TV socket.