Maximum distance for airport ground coverage?

I’m around 4 miles from my local regional airport which has a fair bit of adsb traffic, but I can’t below the end of the runway with my loft mounted radarbox antenna

What’s the maximum sort of range you can realistically be for ground coverage?

Its related to the local reception characteristics ( noise/ interference) , your antenna height AGL, line of sight, and your gain settings.

Of your antenna is too low, not having “line of sight” to airport, or obstructions ( buildings, hills, trees) blocking, then no ground abs-b messages.
Other issue - your gain set high, optimuzed for more distant aircraft. Then close by aircraft ads-b messages may be lost due to the excessive gain .

In my case, antenna @ around 45’ AGL, gain set per my situation and preferences and at this moment i can see UPS495 sitting on apron @ CYWG 13.5NM away.

I can get some airports at 50 miles away. Should note my antenna is 200 feet above ground level in a flat area.


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