Low noise amplifier KU LNA 1090

I found a lna on ebay whit a gain of 30DB and a noise figure of 0.6 db.
Its produced by Kuhne and they are making realy good lna’s .
Only the price is a bit high i think 119 euro.
But then you got beast of a lna.
Its to much for me but maybe someone is looking for e good lna.
Here is the link


only a bit high???
€€€ £££ $$$ :disappointed: :open_mouth:

The Uputronics amp with ceramic filter has a slightly worse noise figure, 0.75db.

They also make amp.filters for NOAA/APT, APRS, AIS, UAT 978Mhz among others.

That’s only single stage though :slight_smile:

I like the rtl-sdr blog lna better i guess. Two SAW filters beats one even if you don’t need the extra gain.

Looked bigger on the pictures though. Somehow the SMA connector were not good reference for my brain.

I use cavity filters on all of my devices(plus the amps above). Too much noise in the area.

Every time you mention this filter, I remember the police detective in the Beavis & Butt-Head Do America movie.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I don’t know about this particular LNA, but Kuhne has been around for a very long time. Their stuff is used by UHF/microwave hams.

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Kuhne make really classy gear.
They know how to design and test, so you will get what you pay for.

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Thats true its classy stuff.
The uptronics lna is only 15DB gain and kuhne 30DB.
And there is a bandpass filter in it, Frequency range 1070…1110 MHz
I have worked whit kuhne gear in the pasted and its always realy good stuff.

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I see they also have the 2A version with an N-connector for both input and output.
I found some more information with pictures on this Russian site: http://adsbradar.ru/KU-LNA-1090-A-TM-Super-Low-Noise-Amplifier-for-Avionics
Well, all very nice but I fear that 30dB would probably overload the FA dongle, especially the flights at short distance

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