Log in/Log out


Flight Feeder is a good App and I was able to log in with no difficulty. BUT - cannot log out.

Is there a format necessary to log out of the application??

Some circumstances would neccessitate this option, such as vacations, or situations where there would be no direct supervision of the installation…


There really isn’t a logout feature, because once logged in, the server knows your device by its wifi mac address. The “login” feature simply associates that mac address with your FlightAware username/account.

Subsequent connections do not re-send your username and password. Instead, it just sends your mac address only, and the server responds with a message to the device indicating that it knows who you are, and simply disables the login button. The app does not store any of your FlightAware account credentials in any way. The app has no access to your FlightAware account beyond linking your device’s mac address with your account.

In the next version of the app, the text will change to “Logged in,” but there still isn’t a “logout”.

Does that make sense?


Yes that clears the confusion in my mind. :smiley: :smiley:

Tnx for the info.


Some how both of my phones logged in by themselves and aren’t even attached to my account. I can see them in my area stats. One is blank and another is attached to someone else. I can activate the app and pick up an airplane and see it switch to Live.


Can you provide us the Wi-Fi MAC addresses of your devices? If you’re running 1.0.13, then you can find it on the settings page. Otherwise, you’ll have to go into your device settings to find it. Usually under About phone --> Status.