Living Under a Flight Path

I live 12 miles from a commercial airport where the aircraft fly no higher than 3200ft/975m.

  1. From that altitude, can the passengers see me wave?

  2. Sometimes they will fly in a clean configuration. Other times, they will deploy the landing gear and/or flaps. Why so early. It’s normally done about 6-7miles out.

Probably would depend on the passengers’ eyesight and whether they are using binoculars.

Thats about right for putting out the gear (6-7). Usually its put out when starting down the glide slope but traffic, weather and and the crews position compared to a normal profile would make variations in the gear extension point.

I think not. As I fly 1,000 feet AGL around my neighborhood, I sometimes notice people as I look out. One time I did a steep turn over my house which required adding power for the maneuver, and I noticed people below looking up. But when I fly at 2,500 - 3,500 feet I barely notice cars.