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LAN1201 dropped off tracking

Today’s LAN1201 has dropped off tracking in the Pacific, not even any “estimated” positions are given.

I assume this is because while the schedule knows it took off from SCEL/SCL there is no destination pegged for this flight.

Adding one position report per hour from the Aireon space-based ADS-B data would alleviate this issue. Roll on the day when this becomes possible.

EDIT: some information filled in after it arrived at destination

at least it’s still alive. coverage not available obviously

Yes, FR24 uses satellite data from the SPIRE nano satellites and supposedly expects to be able to post a position report every 15 minutes or so for most aircraft. Their satellites have far less coverage than Aireon, with huge gaps, but their data was made available for free in March 2020. Looking at the tracks for LAN1201 and LAN1164 on multiview on FR24 it is clear that in reality there is no coverage for multiple hours at a time at those southerly latitudes. Aireon has a far better offering.

Do you have a quote for that?
Can’t imagine their data being free.

This was their news release:

Looks good on paper, but there are massive holes in the coverage.

I am not saying it’s good or bad. I only wanted to mention that the flight is still there :wink:

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A few days later, similar again, but this time no departure airport details either!

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