As a corporate operator from Lakefront Airport, I wanted to update all operators about the condition of Lakefront Airport following Hurricane Katrina.

The airport is open with day and night time operations increasing. Runway lighting and the rotating beacon were recently restored. No weather reporting or ILS yet but hopefully in the near future. The control tower is also not in operation at this time but is under review by the FAA, according to sources located at Lakefront Airport. Us Customs has closed their office there and I have no information about it being reopened. New Orleans Customs number is 504-441-9211 for more information.

Jet A and Avgas fueling as well as all other reservations are being handled by Millionair. They are located in a modular office while a NEW facility is being constructed. Repairs to their one repairable hangar are proceeding well and should be available soon. Rental cars are available on site as well as crew cars. For other information, call Millionair at 504-241-2800.

Hopefully this information will prove useful to all operators. If I can be of any further assistance, please call me direct at 504-388-5753.

Rick Stouder
Chief Pilot - Citation II

Thanks for the update!!! I’ve been in and out of lakefront a few times this year and have enjoyed watching the changes!!! I love the approach over the lake-- Reminds me of KSFO out here in CA- like landing on a carrier. The staff at that MillionAir is also the nicest I’ve met anywhere in the country… Strong Work!!

I’m suddenly having a craving for the warm cookies they have… mmmmm