Kindlly let me know which api is used to find near by flights?


used “SearchBirdseyePositions” seeing above discussion but unable to find result,using following query{< alt 100} {> gs 200} {range lat 36.897669 40.897669} {range lon -79.03655 -75.03655}

plz let me know what is going wrong?



Your syntax is correct, but it looks like the search terms are too broad (the bounding box created by the lat and lon options). Refining your search will yield results. More limited searches will be needed in high traffic areas. The query below with less potential results should work:{range lat 36 37} {range lon -79 -78} {< alt 100} {> gs 200}


this still results as :
{“error”:“no results”}

please resolve this issue for us.
please don’t close this ticket before it get resolved.