Jfk time wait

What time should I arrive at jfk airport for a 7 pm flight during springbreak. This includes going through security and walking to the terminal.

Sometime before 7 p.m.

This is the type of question best answered by going to the web page of your airline. You give no information on the airline and check-in time does vary among airlines. The walking time between the security checkpoint and the gate can also vary.

In my limited experience flying out of Kennedy, I would give it a solid hour plus a couple minutes domestic. International maybe 1:45. If you have bags to check, 2 hours plus a couple for both. Your flight will leave late anyway…

If it was up to the airlines, he would waste his whole day at the airport. They try to scare you into showing way early so people don’t argue with them when they walk too slow to the gate. I think this is a valid question to be asked in this forum, I’m sure someone here has a lot of experience flying out of JFK.


Really depends on International vs. Domestic.

Remember to check in online, even if you are checking a bag. Most airlines offer a discount to pay for the bag online (if applicable) and you can often save time at the airport. If you aren’t checking a bag then you don’t have to worry about going anywhere near the airline counter and can go straight to security.

If it’s DL or AA international, I would get there 2 hours before the flight regardless. The DL terminal in particular is a mess.

It also depends on how much it would suck to miss the flight (refundable ticket? Later flights the same day? Critical connection to a small airport?) vs. what important stuff you have to do BEFORE leaving for the airport.

So if…

  • you were just planning to chat on Facebook all day until the flight,
  • your flight is the last one of the day, and
  • your ticket is non-refundable,
    then do yourself a favor and bring a book, get there 1.5-2 hours early for domestic flights, and do your chillin’ at the gate. Why push your luck?

FWIW, when I fly for business, I often push my luck a bit because of end-of-day meetings, and when I do I have a fallback in case it doesn’t work out.

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