JetBlue A320 loses part of engine cowling departing KEWR


Monday, 05 April 2010: WCBS-AM Radio is reporting that a JetBlue Airbus A320 — tentatively identified as flight 507 to KFLL — lost part of an engine cowling on departure from 22R this morning. The aircraft returned safely to 22L. As of 7:00am EDT, 22R remains closed as the Port Authority of NY & NJ inspects for debris.


Will744: Well… With the -190 at least the passengers are safe.


So how was FlightAware able to track a flight all the way to KFLL that returned to Newark? … /KEWR/KFLL

Its actually on its way now. … /KEWR/KFLL


Now Will, the pax were never in danger from losing a cowling. The potential loss of life was limited to people on the ground.

The engine was not made by Airbus. And even if it was, the incident was probably due to faulty maintenance procedures (A&P failed to properly secure the cowling after working on it).


:laughing: :laughing:

I know that a cowl ain’t gonna kill anybody.

I just gotta “pick” on Airbus.


He’s in the process of changing it to “Well… With the -190 at least everyone is safe.” This way we can accommodate the potential loss of life from fall Airbus parts.


Not the first time this has happened…


It could hurt the pax. Could hit the vert or horizontal stabs or the rudder/elevator. Could also leave FOD on the runway and cause major problems, Concorde.


AZ- is that an AirTran 737?


Looks like it.


dbaker loves teh Airtran.




It was a Ryan Intl. A320 operating as AirTran. This particular incident happened July of 2004.


Photo N951LF Air Tran A320 - photo taken Sept 04.

At the time it was the 11th time an A320 lost a cowling.

Aircraft was purchased new by ACG of Newport Beach CA who remain the owners currently.

At the time, the aircraft had been leased to Ryan Intl. in June 2002, Ryan Intll., contracted out to Air Tran from Nov 2003 until Dec 2005 in full Air Tran colors - operated by Ryan Intl.

ACG still owns the aircraft which is currently leased as PK-YUC to Batavia Air of Indonesia.

NTSB details of incident