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Is it worth upgrading?

My current setup is

10 element antenna > FlightAware 1090 MHz ADS-B Bandpass SMA Filter > FlightAware Pro Stick Plus

Is it worth moving to:

10 element antenna > RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA > RTL-SDR BLOG V3 R820T2E

Would appreciate the advice?

Obviously every setup is going to be slightly different but in my opinion, that’s the next logical step.

What cable type and length do you have between the aerial and the next component in line?

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The RTL-SDR Blog v3 USB radio is considered an upgrade over the FA Pro Stick Plus?

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If you use it with the triple filtered LNA offered by the same guys … absolutely.

Though the new batch of LNAs seems to have not quite as narrow banded filters as the previous one.
It’s still a solid option and probalby better than the fa pro + … well it probably depends on the kind of interference you have if the difference is significant.

RTL-SDR Blog ADS-B Triple Filtered LNA (Bias Tee Powered)


Approx 3 meter’s from antenna to filter and filter plugs directly into the FA stick.

That’s the one I intended to go for.

On one of my feeder setups I’m currently using an FA Prostick (orange) + Uputronics 1090MHz ADS-B Filtered Preamp combination. Would replacing the FA Prostick with a RTL-SDR BLOG V3 R820T2E in combination with the Uputronics Filter/Preamp lead to any improvements?

If so, what is the difference between the FA Prostick and the RTL-SDR BLOG V3 R820T2E dongle that leads to this improvement?

Many thanks


I have the Pro Stick Plus with the same filter/pre-amp and am very interested in hearing some feedback on this question.

Maybe? Probably not.
That combo will just need a rather low gain around 22.