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Is anyone still have flightfeeder-sd-card-7.3.0.img.zip?

Dear friends,

The latest one is https://flightaware.com/adsb/flightfeeder/files/flightfeeder-sd-card-7.10.2.img.zip which is not working on my device.

I need the old version which was working on my device, the version was :

If someone have it, could please share with with? My Email: denie.nataprawira@gmail.com

Please help? Thank you so much

Please contact adsbsupport@flightaware.com for help. 7.10.2 is the current version and works on previously shipped hardware versions; 7.3.0 is very old and no longer used or supported.

edit: actually, you have H4 hardware which is quite old and I had problems with getting 7.10.2 to boot on my test H4 hardware; I suspected hardware problems but as a precaution we didn’t auto-upgrade H4s to 7.10.2. If 7.10.2 doesn’t work, try the previous version: https://flightaware.com/adsb/flightfeeder/files/flightfeeder-sd-card-7.9.1.img.zip

Yes sir, i have H4 hardware. It was given by FA to support my area.

Yes, I did contact adsbsupport. Still waiting their reply.

Anyway, thanks for the link of 7.9.1, i will try it.

Thank you for your prompt reply.