Iridium satellites ADS-B


Are those satellites equipped with receivers only or they will re-broadcast the ADS-B signals back to the planes? What channel will be used for communication back to the planes?
Makes no sense to me for the traffic controllers to “see” the planes if the planes cannot receive feed-back about that.


The Aireon satellites only receive signals from ADS-B Out. They do not transmit back to aircraft. The data is backhauled on the Iridium network to Aireon customers and partners.


Thanks, it makes sense now… Revenue wise.


And if you want to receive satellites signals, there is a free software package called Jaero:

VRS supports it.

Mind you, it’s not ADS-B but ACARS. It uses geostationary sats, not LEOs.


The aircraft can see each other (for hundreds of miles) via ADS-B IN.

Feedback from ATC to the aircraft would be via voice (VHF, HF) or CPDLC.