In-Line Amp ruined by Directv PS

I had this Ecoda EC-20 Signal Amp from my satellite FTA setup. I also have the DirectTV 21v PS. With so much excitement I plugged the amp to the Directv PS and to my RPI receiver and walaaa! From a 40 and jumped to 80 aircraft received right away and it doubled the positions and it amazed me how an amp can add more planes in the bowser view. After sometime i noticed that it suddenly dropped back to its usual number of aircraft. I suspect the Power supply broke my signal amp… overvoltage maybe. :frowning: :angry:

You did not say what the required voltage is for this amplifier. I can see why because everywhere I looked that sold this device never mentioned an operating voltage. That said, the typical voltage for a satellite LNB is 18VDC so one might assume that this amplifier would expect that voltage. (Usually there is an operating voltage range, e.g. 5-15, 10-20, etc).

The DTV system for which your power supply was designed uses 21VDC and therefore that is the output voltage of the supply.

I’ve used the DTV21 for the HABAMP for some time now. This filter/amp is rated to operate up to 26VDC. I had my first DTV21 fail after a week. While waiting for a replacement, I took out the actual injector portion and soldered a 15VDC wall wart to it. It was the 21VDC switching PS inside the unit that had failed. This has worked so well that I have never used the replacement I bought.

Are you certain the the DTV21 is actually outputting power? Is the green pilot light on? Can you measure it with a DVM? If you find that the power supply in the DTV21 has failed you can try what I did as far as getting some use out of it.

I have a DC power supply, name plate rating 14v dc. My amplifier is rated for 18v dc. Sounds good, but when I measured output voltage of power supply by a multimeter, I found it to be 20v dc :frowning:.

Since the amplifier is rated for 14v/18v dc, but going well on 20v dc, it seems ithe amplifier has a tolerance of at least +2v above rated.

Now your power supply has name plate rating of 21v dc. Have you measured how much is the actual dc voltage? Suppose it is 25v dc, 7v higher than your Ecoda amplifier’s rating. Normally the amplifiers will not have so much tolerance and will fry. Most of Satellite amplifiers are rated for 18v. The only one I have found rated for higher voltage is perfecVision amplifier.




I did checked the the voltage output of the DTV PS and its 20.5v. Was so happy just for a short time watching my screen filled with so much aircraft and then it suddenly dropped. BTW i disconnected the amp while twas still powered by the DTV PS just to switch from with amp to NO amp. Have i done wrong while switching? If only i did not touch that setup maybe it’ll be running 'til now. The ECODA amp was rated 18v max. I used it before on my FTA satellite hobby. Yes, was looking for that high rated AMP perfect vision but looks like its not available in the market. Any other recommended and tested amp aside from PV? Thanks for the response guys.

I have 4 DTV PSs which I bought in two batches and the PSs in the different batches are constructed differently (even thought they have same part numbers). I hooked the PSs from different batches to different PerfectVision amps and one of the amps is still going strong were on another PS I burn through 2 amps (each amp worked for about 2 weeks before dying). As PerfectVision amps are not available online anymore, I had to go with different amps ( … ge_o01_s00 and put them into the DTV PSs (the PS I am suspecting for over voltage have enough room inside to hold the step down module) and adjusted the output voltage to 15.5V - so far the new amp is still working, but it is slightly less then 2 weeks I put it to work. The PerfectVision amp gave me slightly better results. Does your PS have F connectors grayish in color? The PS I am suspecting have the F connectors grayish, where the other one have the “white” connectors.

If the amp had died, I would have expected that the plane count would have dropped to zero, with the dead amp blocking the signal totally … so I wonder if something else happened (agc or something)

I had a similar problem when I replaced my RCA amp with the Perfect Vision. Both were mounted on the antenna mast with the connections sealed. The RCA was working fine but I mistakenly thought the extra gain would help. After about a week with the Perfect Vision my count dropped very low. I replaced it with the old RCA and all was back to normal. It had recently rained and The Perfect Vision had water inside. The case apparently is not sealed very well. The old RCA is still performing fine mounted the same way.

No surprise there - the covers on these amplifiers are just a push (or interference) fit, they have made no effort to seal then during manufacture.

I am not so sure about that - out of curiosity I did disassemble one of the dead amps and it did had some type of silicon (I never saw that type of silicon previously) around the edges. It did took me awhile to clean it :slight_smile:

Anyway, I did wrapped the connectors and amp into the self amalgamating tape, and when I took it off the amp was dry with no trace of moisture anywhere.

If my amp died… Will it still receive planes? How do i test ir using a tester… I opened it but never saw anything like burnt components…

No - it won’r receive planes if the amplifiers dead - a dead amplifier will block signals - it’s worse than no amplifier at all. If you still do receive planes then the signal is coming in elsewhere.

I’t unlikely that you’d see anything burnt in these days of microcircuits.

Since these amps are so cheap, the easiest way to test is to swap the thing - but it is a PITA if the amp is at the top of a mast (it would be good to runn the antenna up the mast like a flag on a flagpole :slight_smile: )

You are right. I am still receiving planes but the amount of planes is just like not having an amp.

I found an Electroline power supply rated 15v /300ma with thread for rg6. When i tested it , its putting out 20.6v. Ialso found 2 directv swu udo 21v PS with 20.5v out. I would like to know if i can use the electroline for amplifiers rated 18v? Am skiptical to use those PS.

transformer supplies like the one in the picture above will vary in output dependant on the input voltage (mains supply) they dont tend to be very clever inside, transformer into diodes and some smoothing caps and a regulator if your lucky (by your measurements your not lucky).

Another thing to note is that the voltage was probably specified with the 360mA drawn which is a odd amount. Was this PSU for some sort of charger originally? as it really shouldn’t be that far out.

One other thing to consider is that you are measuring the voltage with no load, inserter, or feedline resistance. You may find that the voltage will drop within spec with amp load and feedline added. measure with a tee just before the amp.


The old fashioned Power Supplies have a Transformer, and a primitive type voltage regulator. You can tell these by their weight as transformer is heavy. The modern Power Supplies are transformer-less and light in weight and smaller in size. The one which are called “Switching Type” have a much better voltage regulator.

These are my line of PS/Inserter. The Directv is putting out 20.5V and Electroline is rated 15V but putting out 20.6V. I found an interesting PS from an HP printer, which uses 3 wires, Left is 32V, Center is GND and Right is 16V. I terminated the 32V to give way to 16V, which is am confident to use.

HP Printer