How will you be alerted in case of a crash?

So my brother will be arriving in KC in an hour or so and they are getting some pretty crazy weather. I setup an alert to let me know as soon as his plane lands. But it got me thinking… God forbid, what if his plane crashed because of the weather. How would I be alerted? Would it be considered arrived or diverted? Would it tell me it crashed?

Answered by Flightaware Staff below…

You’ll probably get an arrival message from us.

Why would flight aware send an arrival notice when it didn’t arrive?
Just curios.

CNN :stuck_out_tongue:

The flight would probably end with a cancellation near the airport, which looks like an arrival to us.

Is this wishful thinking?


Ding, ding, ding…

DAMN stole mine :laughing: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way I was just down in your area for the past 4 days at the beach damn it was rough surf out there. I only made it in the ocean one day.

Those rip currents were brutal.

yes he does have a handle on spreading good tidings and joy when it happens :stuck_out_tongue:

robreid is Santa???

That is what I tell my kids…some guy in the internet brings your gifts :laughing: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been away for a week up in NY (Lawn Guyland), my Dad passed away last week, and we laid him to rest on Monday. Heading back soon. Didn’t hear about the rips. They do get pretty bad though.

Damn sorry for your loss, get home safe.

Sorry to hear about your Dad.

What town did he live in?

Thank you James.

He was born and spent his early years in South Ozone Park, Queens(IIRC). His house was taken in by the expansion of then Idlewild (JFK) airport and his family relocated to Central Islip, in Suffolk county. He also lived in Middle Island, NY and recently moved (2005) to Grifton, NC.

Deepest sympathies Deef…