How to get Tail Number from API call w/ Flight Number



I have been unable to determine from the API documentation what I have to do to get the “Tail Number” through an API request. I see the “Tail Owner” field, but I want the “Tail Number”.

What I’m actually really after is the seat configuration by class, but I don’t think FlightAware has this information. As such, I can get this from other sources as long as I have the “Tail Number”.

Can someone help?



PS: if others have experience w/ this, do you know how common it is to have the “Tail Number” available? I looked at another Flight Info service, and they only had it 30% from a sample of 10 different airline flights.


FlightInfoEx to find the faFlightID (our canonical identifier for an instance of a flight number) of the flight you want, then AirlineFlightInfo to get the tail number.

Coverage varies by airline and region. Some airlines are well covered:

airline | tailnumbers 
 PAC    | 99%
 EDW    | 99%
 DAL    | 99%
 AAR    | 99%
 JBU    | 99%
 WJA    | 99%
 VIR    | 99%
 LRC    | 99%
 EIN    | 99%
 CCA    | 99%
 NCA    | 99%
 QTR    | 99%
 CXA    | 99%
 GWI    | 99%
 UAL    | 99%
 SQC    | 99%
 VRD    | 99%
 ANZ    | 99%