How to get Landing Time


I’m coding an app with Flight Tracker, when i validation schedule time a flight by AirlineFlightSchedules function, this function return Gate Arrival & Departure schedule time not Landing at time. How to get Landing at time?

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AirlineFlightSchedules is only intended for viewing the planned flight schedules that are published by the airlines months in advance.

To get the actual flight status of current or recent flights, you will need to use FlightInfoEx with the ident of the flight and then you can look at the “actualarrivaltime” field in the returned result. That time will be 0 if it has not actually arrived yet.


Thanks for reply. But i want to validate Landing Arrival schedule time a flight next month so can not be used FlightInfoEx.

Ex: Get Landing Arrival schedule time: July-28-2013

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AirlineFlightSchedules does return the scheduled arrival time in its structure: … duleStruct

Both the departuretime and arrivaltime are expressed in UNIX epoch UTC seconds, but you can convert to local time if you need to.


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I have a question.
Arrival time in **AirlineFlightSchedules ** function return is Landing Arrival time or Gate Arrival time ?



Gate arrival time generally, since that is the published schedule created by the airlines.


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