How I delete my Photos from the Photos section ?



I no longer wish to share my few photos on the Photos Album section.

So, How can I get all of them deleted ?

If I’m not able to get them out by my own, who should I have to contact to help me out on this subject?

Sincerely, with the kindest regards,





They are 4 photos You can see when type PHL or KPHL on Photos, for the Photos Albums:

Heres the details:

G150 with the registration written PRIVATE,

C604 with the registration N340AK,

G200 with the registration N708QS,

GLF4 with the registration N121JM.

These ones to be deleted, please, help me on how can I get it deleted, what can I do about it ?

Note: If some of the Administrators ever read my thread, please, remove all of these 4 photos.

Sincerely, Werkur.


Thank You very much, Team ! :wink:

With more time to the next weeks, I will be back to the forum to write.

I’m sure all of fellas here have been miss me ! :stuck_out_tongue:

With the kindest regards,



Similarly, if any flight aware admins read this, can they please delete the photo for 384AM? I incorrectly uploaded the wrong photo and do not have permission to upload the one I did.