Historical cancellation totals by day?

Good day all,

Over at the forecasting platform Metaculus we are trying to guess how many U.S. flights will be canceled on the Wednesday before this coming Thanksgiving. (This is just for fun, it was a good understandable short-term question for our beginner forecasters tournament.)

For the purpose, a base rate would be tremendously useful. But I can’t see anywhere that FlightAware makes this information public. The Wayback machine was also not helpful. There’s lots of media reports citing FlightAware data around the holidays, but none gives the particular information I’d like, which is the number of U.S. flights canceled on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving over the last few years.

Does anyone know this, or does FlightAware make historical data like this available somewhere? I know there’s history on given flights, routes, airports etc but I’m talking about total canceled U.S. flights on a given day.

Thanks so much,
Evan Harper