HiLetgo 0.1-2000MHz RF Wide Band Amplifier 30dB High Gain Low Noise LNA Amplifier

Has anyone used this LNA, it is powered externally, using a 9v battery, but it only lasts a couple of days. I would not think that it would draw that much current to deplete the battery. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

What is the reason for using the battery?

  1. Accumulator and Solar battery.
  2. Power supply via power injector

I was goofing around with my configuration and found that the HiLetgo amp could make a big increase in my distance. Previously optimized system was:

FA 26" antenna → FA Orange Stick → USB extension cable → RPi3
Gain at 40.2

New optimized system:

FA 26" antenna → HiLetgo amp (12 VDC power) → FA blue filter → FA orange stick → USB extension cable → RPi3
Gain at 8.7

We’ll see how things go over the long term, but my previous limit was around 100 mi with the rare plane showing up above it, and now I’m seeing many more planes at >100 mi.

You have added two things in your new setup (1) HiLetgo amp (2) Filter
Most likely improvement is due to Filter, and not due to the HiLetgo amp.
To find out the truth, try again after removing HiLetgo, but keeping Filter:

FA 26" antenna → HiLetgo amp (12 VDC power)FA blue filter → FA orange stick → USB extension cable → RPi3
Gain at 8.7 40.2

Oddly enough, I’ve done a lot of experimentation with my configuration and the orange stick with no filter gave me the best performance. I have a newer blue stick which I’ve also tried with and without the filter, but the orange stick sans filter has consistently performed the best. I’ve been assuming I live in a low interference area and just got lucky with a really good orange stick.