High rise antenna?


How high is the tree?
Lets’s say 30’. if you can get 20’ up with a tree stand (I have done that), then you just need a 10’ extension (PVC) pipe to reach the tree canopy.


I posted above pics. It’s tall… 20-25’ is to the lowest branch.


Maybe you could use the tree stand to get yourself up higher with the bow and arrow, then shoot the arrow in such a way that it wraps the line around your ankle and sends you even higher in the tree. Then, you can place the antenna easily and only have to worry about how to get down- but gravity will be working in your favor in that case. :joy:


The fence and shed provides for a good scaling factor. I would say closer to 25’

Yep, you could easily place a tree stand anywhere in this area. Even if the bottom of the stand is at 30’ then, assuming you are 5’8” that puts your working height at 35’. Put a 10’ 1 ¼” PVC pipe at that height and you are at 45’ with much less leaves. A 20’ fence pipe might even put you above the tree. Now you are in lightning strike territory.

Above all, be safe, that is a long way to the bottom.