Green New Deal

I’m looking to buy my first airplane but I’m worried about the resale value as the political winds seem to be blowing toward a more “green” energy mandate. I am almost 60 years old and plan on keeping the plane for about 20 years and then selling it to get my money back for use during retirement. If fossil fuels are “eliminated” or purposefully made more expensive, I’m worried the value of GA airplanes will plummet. Is anyone else worried about this? What do you think the outlook for GA aircraft in the next 20 years is?

The outlook depends on the type of GA aircraft. IMO aircraft that are the ones most likely to take a big hit in value are light singles used mostly for recreation and/or training. If you are considering a heavy single or a twin with great potential for business use, the skies are clear. Many of my associates are actually upgrading their equipment so they can forego commercial air travel. That being said, the current political situation is pointing toward heavier and confiscatory taxes on all types of non-commercial aviation - Green New Deal. (just my opinion)

Here is different opinion from AOPA.