Great Circle Map Your Flights


This is really fun! I’m sure that you all havr heard of the Great Circle Mapper ( I thought it would be fun to map ALL of the flights I’ve taken to see a map of it, it was really cool and I think that everyone should do it and then post their map.

Here’s mine:



…all of my trips as a passenger on commercial airlines that I can remember. Many trips done more than once. Listed only one way when return trip was the same.

  1. First get a screen-shot of the image you want to display (Alt+Prt Scr)
  2. Paste into a photo application (Photo Shop, Windows Paint, Photo Editor [part of older versions of MS Office Suite])
  3. Upload file to image hosting site (PHOTOBUCKET)
  4. Post image URL into message


Or you can right click on the image and choose Save As; this way you also end up with a better quality image.


Ah yes… the “EASY WAY”! This works if the posted image is a .jpg format. Some posted images are posted in .bmp or .gif format. The image output of the GCM map is in the .gif format. When I right-click to save it, I can only save as .gif or .bmp formats. Some sites do not allow some image formats, but all of the ones I can think of do allow .jpg format. I can’t keep track of all of the sites that take this format and that, but not the other, so I just convert everything to .jpg so my images can go anywhere :unamused:



My flights.


Thanks guys, I got it. You learn something new everyday! :slight_smile:


Did you goto Iran?


Here’s a few of the longer trips:

Sorry for the Mercator map, but the globes failed to show all the travels regardless of where I centered them.


Heres mine. … -COLOR=red


OK, this was interesting.

Here’s all I remember: My air travels

I thought I was missing some, until I realized all my travel to Hawaii and the Far East was on Uncle Sam’s big gray ships. :confused:




of course - not a single IFR flight * is ever a great circle route - nor is the great circle route necessarily the fastest or cheapest route.*


Wasn’t sure how to post it.

Mine is here: … MAP-STYLE=

Most of them are flights I have worked in the past week or so:

And some for leisure:


Might be interesting to see yours for the past year… or maybe not. It might end up looking
all red with a few patches of yellow here-n-there. :open_mouth:


I’m just guessing here, but it probably looks like this…


But did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?


No, but I just saved a bunch on money by switching my car insurance to GEICO.


No we’re not the jet set We’re the old Chevrolet set :laughing:


:laughing: I knew that there would be something I’d like about you, beside the fact that you fly a P180…