Got it up and running!

Any tips for better reception???

Tips depend on what is your installed hardware & software. Please provide these details:

1. RPi or Flightfeeder
2. If RPi

  • Software/ Operating System?
    • Piaware SD card image
    • Raspbian image
    • Something else
  • Receiver?
    • DVB-T
    • Pro Stick
    • Something else

3. Antenna

  • Make/model
  • Indoor/outdoor

4. Cable

  • Type
  • Length

Get the antenna higher than the surrounding obstacles.
Get filters to block cell towers (if you are close to them).
Adjust gain per your local air traffic (distances).

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Thanks Everyone - I’m going to mount it on a pole as high as I can.

If you are not using the blue dongle already i would suggest that as a first change.

Especially with bad antenna it’s a real boost.
Antenna position is very dependent on obstacles.
For me the attic is right now working quite well, though i plan to put a little pole on the roof eventually.

If your antenna is below the surrounding objects (like houses, buildings, and tall trees etc), increasing antenna height will improve reception. It is worth doing the effort.

If your antenna is already above the height of surrounding objects, then raising it further will not bring any substantial improvement in reception. It will be a waste of effort.

That’s what I said too. But, I want to clear what “cleared” means :slight_smile:
Reality is slightly more complicated for us, that live on the ground level than for people living on penthouses :wink:
Example: I have my antenna higher than the neighbor’s house. Well, because of geometry, I still have blocked the horizon, up to 20-30 degrees by some further away trees (like a forest). That severely limits the acquiring of the planes that are far or even the ones that are closer but flying lower. It’s about the clear angle to the horizon. I made a crude pic quickly to show.
All rays (red, blue and green) are “clearing” the house next door, but only one antenna station (green) has enough height to be limited by Earth’s curvature and not by the close-by obstacles radio shadows. The blue is influenced by a further away located but high tree/house. Note that even houses/trees that are further away can affect the horizon clear angle, if they are tall enough. It’s all about angles.
Sure, there is a diminishing returns antenna height, when, raising higher won’t change that much the clear angle, because you are so close of Earth’s curvature limit anyway. What’s that limit varies depending of the actual obstacles around, so it’s impossible to calculate, unless they are natural (hills) and their position and height is known exactly by mapping.