Gear Problems At KSFO


A Sky West aircraft had trouble getting its gear up after takeoff. But it remained down and they landed safely at KSFO a few minutes ago. I listened to it from They rolled emergency crews but they were not needed.

Here is the flight: … /KSFO/KMOD


Ah! So THIS is why your pre-takeoff checklist should include settings (radio frequencies, landing approach plates, etc) for return to the airport! You just never know WHEN you might need to use them!

Glad to hear it was a safe landing!


Me too! The problem must have not been too serious to fix because they were up again within an 1.5 hours.


Coming soon…VIAGRA FOR PLANES!!!

Get it, can’t get the gear up? I am a funny chicken!


Damn you, Pika! I was going to say that!


Thats pretty good!


This is gonna sound really bad, but here it goes… I’d rather have problems getting it up, rather than getting it down.


Sound better (though would make some wonder) if it said, “I’d rather have problems getting it up, rather that it going down.”

OK, I am done for the day…maybe.

See what 5 years of living in a fraternity house will do to ya?


I wish my fraternity had a house, our chapter is on the verge of being too small to be able to finance one.


Was that during your Freshman year or Sophomore year Pik? :wink:


My favorite answer…ALL OF THE ABOVE!



They have medications for the former problem. They recommend seeing your doctor if it stays up more than four hours!


And what man is going to do that? He’s going to go around boasting instead!


Seriously, dami, failure to lower the gear can result in belly landings for the rest of one’s life.