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Garmin Display of ADSB aircraft data

Has it ever been an Idea or does a program exist that will take data from a selected aircraft from our DUMP1090FA and simulate it onto a simulated Garmin display?

http://stratux.me/ Is a build your own device that will display ADS-B on a tablet for use in an aircraft. Basically a poor persons ADS-B in.

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Pretty cool but not what I wanted. I figured having a cockpit view of the display unit that allows us to select a aircraft and show the display view as a option.

Someone did have something along these lines, generating a PFD simulation for a given aircraft; should be on these forums somewhere, though the correct search terms elude me.

Whether you have all the data needed will depend on where you are and what the aircraft avionics is transmitting. You’ll probably need to fudge pitch from vrate and you may need to fudge roll from the observed turn rate (sometimes roll is available directly from Comm-B)

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I agree with the fudging, especially in 3 demention. I kind of figured there are or I think there was one of the feeders showed a aircraft in 3D so I assume the data is good enough to show on a generic display like shown above but in a web window

I get extremely good data, which is more than good enough for something like that.
Manually looked for example at roll angle being reported.

If you are curious about the roll angle data for example:

view1090-fa --no-interactive --show-only 3C66E3 | grep -F -e rate -e Roll --line-buffered | uniq
view1090-fa --no-interactive --show-only 3C66E3 | grep -F -e rate -e Roll -e ltitude: -e speed: --line-buffered | uniq

3C66E3 is the hex id of the aircraft you want to observe :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s also displayed in SkyView but at most once a second.
This shows you how often the values are actually received from the plane.

Only the PFD shouldn’t be too hard.
Just feeding the data to a flight simulator would save on actually programming the simulation :wink:
But i suppose you meant something browser based?

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I guess a browser based would work? Or maybe a small add-on that shows a display maybe towards a artificial horizon? I thought of this while watching a YouTube video of a Piper M600 and that’s a screen grab from the video I was watching

Addon to what?

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You are right about the add on. It was a idea that came across my mind.

Try this https://discussions.flightaware.com/t/dump1090-fa-extended-with-javascrip-instrument-view/40088

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Exactly what I am looking for

What we need now is for someone to incorporate all these “special additions” to be selectable from the webpage.

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