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Frontier (Republic) Embraer 190 Cabin Temp. problems

Flying RPA 1549 at this moment. Nice plane, but the cabin air temp is about 55 degrees! Has anyone else noted cabin temp problems on the Emb 190?

Yes, there are about three issues that can cause this problem. 1) We have found that the riser ducts become clogged with debris from ground air connection causing air distribution problems - hot cabins. 2) Air distribution duct segments use problematic couplings that become dislocated and air flow is lost to the down wind segments of the duct work (one portion of the cabin, fore / aft is excessively warm) 3) The cabin temp sensors require motive flow across the sensor in order to read correct cabin temperature. If a duct has ruptured or said coupling becomes dislodged motive flow is lost. Embraer has a tissue test (not very good) to make a quick determination if air is being sucked past the sensor. If this happens and because the sensor is mounted so close to the cold airframe, the AMS controller thinks that section of the cabin is cold and the pack system will add heat through trim air valves (add heat valves).

If the problem has become chronic, I would suggest that the risers be inspected for a clogged condition. You wouldn’t believe what we have found in the riser screens!