Forget the landing gear? (B737 800)


Boeing 737 800 from RyanAir (EI-DCI )retract the landing gear 1 minute after take off, at VLC Manises Valencia Airport 1-6-2016.

This aircraft had an incident (in September 2011) while on the route Poznan - Madrid, when the northeast of Cologne (Germany) the crew reported problems with cabin pressurization. The plane was diverted to Frankfurt Hahn, where it landed 30 minutes later.


This actually might be normal. The brakes could have been hot/overheating, and an easy way to cool them down is to leave them retracted after departing, as the oncoming wind with the aircraft’s velocity would cool them down. Much like how you roll down your window to get a cool breeze.

This isn’t uncommon, so unless there was another mitigating circumstance, this is a normal operation.