Flying Cross Country

Hey pilots-- I’m new to this so forgive me if this is an old topic. I’m in the process of getting my Private License (and IFR once I have the time). This is kind of a two fold thread. I have a 5 year plan to purchase and upgrade a Cessna 182. My primary reason (besides the fact flying is fun) is to fly from Freeway ( W00 ) just outside of DC to Sarasota. Can anyone give me a realistic time frame as to how long that would take? I’m looking at a 60’s early 70’s 182. Thanks, happy flying.

5:42 if you do it non stop but I think a 182 would have to stop. There are a few other items to consider too.

it also depends on what flight school you attend and how often you take lessons. minimum is 2 months, max can be indef. you might be better off just start walking now, should take longer than a few weeks to walk down there. and much cheaper than paying for a license and plane.

I know a guy that did it in 3 weeks before being deployed to the Gulf.