Flying a circle


hi everyone how do you like circles?

on a more serious matter i have made some modification to dump1090, is dump1090-fa or dump1090-mutability the more appropriate base for submitting a pull request?

in particular right now the javascript makes a new line segment in the browser every 5 seconds or when the altitude changes even by 25ft.
i’ve changed the logic to only append a line segment if the change to altitude is 400ft (only the color will be lagging very slightly one could also choose 200ft but that should be sufficient)
or it appends a line on a track change of more than 1 degree or at the latest after 60 seconds.

this leads to much nicer looking curved flight paths while keeping the display smoother when you hit “show all tracks”

for dump1090 itself i’ve introduced an commandline option to change the interval and number of json-history files.

that means when i open my local page to check the sky above i get a bit longer load times because it loads 600 history files instead of 120 but oh my the display is much prettier :wink:


In my area I see Military C12 aircraft showing a lot of funny tracks as well. Its usually training flights.